Parle m’en! Le fabuleux voyage

Parle m'en!


The Palace of the Parliament is alive!

Is it the City's witness? More like the Square's witness... And so its perception of Rennes is a bit mistaken and it tends to confuse reality and its own imagination.

This show was co-written and co-designed with the company Spectaculaires.

  • Script :
  •   -Fredéric Renno.
  •   -Clément Barré.
  •   -Alexis Gabirot.
  • Sound design :
  •   -David Chollet.
  •   -Fredéric Renno.
  • Motion designers :
  •   -Nicolaï Pinhiero
  •   -Benoît Mahey
  •   -Giuseppe Vergeau
  •   -Alexis Gabirot
  • + The team of "Allumeurs d'Images" (Spectaculaires)

Venue : Rennes, France